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About Us


Who the heck are we?  Mac Arms LLC is a firearms business.  We have a large number of guns for sale, ammunition for sale, optics, lasers, hunting and survival gear, and much more!  Not only that, but we have what most customers want!  Generally speaking...unbeatable overall prices!  Who doesn't want that?  We are on top offering the best in firearms, ammo, and accessories.  What makes us so good?  You!  You tell us how to make our business better, we listen!  We strive to make everything about us about you!  


Trustworthiness.  We will never gouge our customers just to make a buck.  Prices do fluctuate, but we take into consideration our cost, and deliver the best possible price on items we can propose.  There is NOTHING better than a dealer that you can just go to all the time and be treated reasonably, get good real information, and while we may not be the cheapest on everything all the time (no one can be), in general we are the best priced always.


Easy to use website.  We strive to have good information and continiously work on updating and making our website easier and better to use.  


Price.  As a whole, our store has extremely good pricing considering our competition.  What is our secret?  We do everything ourselves.  No outsourcing, no costly advertising, everything is done in house to keep our service and pricing as low as it can be.  No one can beat that. 


Service.  We offer tens of thousands of products, discounts are updated all the time, vocal help, and monthly subscriptions for products you continually use at a discounted rate.


Mac Arms LLC was formed in 2011.




I, Tom the owner, started out by re-finishing old World War II rifles and stocks. This lead to a basic understanding of gunsmithing and the owner, you got (We all got to start somewhere right?) turned to the retail side and started with 4 products of optics and lasers to sell. From this success, Mac Arms LLC incorporated over 100 products in inventory in the first 6 months. We currently stock over 500 products and offer over 30,000+ though our main distributors. We continue to grow and strive to provide the best user friendly website, customer service, and of course, a competitive price.


Our Strive For You


We continue to elevate our expertise and have formally completed master gunsmithing courses, hold a current federal firearms license, have youtube instructional and example videos, and update our website to learn valuable information for our customers. Thank you for giving us a try and we look forward to helping you find your perfect firearm, accessory, survival gear, camping, or other sporting good.



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